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A love letter to infant massage and those who attend

Updated: Jul 13

As I pack up the space that You & I has called home over the past several months (and question what to do with all the items I purchased to live here), unsure of what happens next, I take with me the memories made. I’ve been thinking about the babywearing classes, toddler giggles, and soulful connections that have happened here, but mostly, I’ve been thinking about the infant massage courses.

There are many benefits of infant massage, but my favorite may be the relationships built and the support found during time spent in classes. Actually, that’s definitely my favorite part. To the parents who have attended this course with their infants: I want you to know how special you are to me. You showed up in your most vulnerable state. You have shared the rawest parts of your life during a very emotional time, through laughter and tears and everything in between. We spoke in hushed tones under golden fairy lights as the world melted away and you learned how to ease discomfort from your baby’s small body. You told me what you feared, what excited you, what concerned you, and how you were ready to be past this. You were tired, sore, had spit up on your shoulder and milk in your hair, and I knew you were running on three hours of sleep. Yet still, you showed up. I welcomed you with open arms then, and I will continue to do so every time.


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